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Compounding is usually not known by many patient’s until they are prescribed a medication that requires a compounding pharmacy make it.


Compounds fill a void that is left by commercial pre-packaged pharmaceuticals. Patients may need a compound for a variety of reasons from nursing to end of life care.

Reasons for Compounding

  • Strength of medication may need to be increased or decreased per dose to fit a patient’s need.

  • Allergy or sensitivities to gluten, dyes, sugar, or fillers in commercial products. Compounding can remove these from a sensitive patients medication.

  • Trouble with swallowing a large tablet or digestion issues can be addressed by compounding a prescription into another form that will make taking medications easier.

  • Medication being unavailable in the commercial market. A medication may no longer be available, but a patient may still need it. We can look in to compounding a product that is no longer available.

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