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About us

King Pharmacy of Topeka is your local, long-standing pharmacy for all your customized compounding services.


Opened in 1987 by pharmacist Jim Schwartz, King Pharmacy has been proud to serve the needs of patients in our community and surrounding areas.


Though we moved, our business has always remained planted in Topeka.


What is Compounding?

The FDA defines it as the process of combining, mixing, or altering ingredients to create a medication tailored to the needs of an individual patient.

Compounding is a long-standing pharmacy practice that allows prescribers to treat their patients' individual needs without being restricted only to off-the-shelf medicines or devices. Medications are prepared in our compounding pharmacy to meet the specifications ordered by your prescriber.

We literally take “parts,” more specifically medications, and mix them in variety of ways to form a whole product to meet the specialized needs of a patient. 

Faces behind the medicine

Jim Schwartz

Jim has spent over 36 years at King Pharmacy.

He received his degree at the University of Kansas in 1984 and ended up spending time in various states such as Colorado and Texas while practicing as a pharmacist.


Now his free time is filled with fun on the lake with his wife Debbie, and dog, Oakley.

Sybil Turner Gearhart
Pharmacy Technician

As an 21 year technician at King Pharmacy, Sybil has served our patient community well.


She began her pharmacy journey at Kmart Pharmacy in high school.


In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her two kids, Tobin and Madeline, her Welsh Corgi, and canning salsa.

Gudrun (Gudi) Pryor-DeHart

Gudi is the newest recruit here, but not without experience.


She has been at King Pharmacy for over two years already with prior experience at CVS Pharmacy.


She spends her free time upcycling automotive upholstery and spending time with her husband, Rick, and dog, Lily.

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